What is Break

Break is an innovative solution designed for big corporations to help them foster collaboration and enhance the well-being of employees at work. It is a user friendly mobile application that helps break the traditional networking process. It allows employees to connect to each other during different breaks by just swiping and chatting with others.
Employees have also the possibility to create groups (for lunch or after work for e.g.) or to join an already created one. We also have a functionality that, based on our own algorithm, can match users between them.

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Easy to Use

Break is a solution intended to break the traditional way employees used to interact between them.
It is the perfect application to the break the ice between coworkers during breaks.
How it works, you login, you swipe, you connect, you talk and you meet.

Break is for you !

Benefits of Break


Help newly recruited
employees fit faster

Phishing Detect

Boost communication
between departments

Smart Scan

Allow employees on business trip to connect with the local team

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  • Email : contact@breakr.co
  • Address : Technopark, La Factory, 8th Floor, Casablanca, Morocco